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Scottsdale limo service.

Affordable Limousine, Airport Transportation and Car Service in AZ.
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Company Policies - Terms and Conditions:

Extreme Limousines is pleased to provide services subject to the following terms and conditions. Please read this agreement carefully, before accessing or using the Service, If you do not accept the terms and conditions expressed here, do not use this web site or the service. By using this web site and or the service, you expressly agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein without limitation or qualification. and acknowledge that any other agreements between you and Extreme Limousines are superseded and of no force or effect.

Waiting Time:

Waiting charges begin 15 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time on ALL departures. After 15 minutes, waiting time is retroactive to the scheduled departure time. Waiting Time charges are assessed hourly at 60.00 per hour. Please note we must have the proper flight number & airline on all airport pickups.


All cancellations must be sent via e-mail to Extreme Limos or called into 602-482-8000 THE DAY PRIOR to your scheduled reservation, ExtremeLimos will reply to you with a cancellation notification e-mail. It would be advisable to follow up with a phone call. We do not take any responsibility for cancellation fees resulting from mistakes, the weather, double booking or wrong dates or information. If your cancellation is made there may be no refund of deposit within 24 hour of the reservation made. Charge backs from credit card issuing banks are subject to the above policies.
Reservation Cancellations:

Cancellation within 24 hours of scheduled pick up time will not result in a charge equal to the cost of the trip. Charge backs from credit card issuing banks are subject to the above policies.

Where To Meet Your Driver at Sky Harbor Airport:

-Terminal 2 - Sky Harbor
Walk to baggage claim then exit terminal straight down to Ground Transportation Sign. Look for the outside curb (island) or ask an employee for the "Blue Diamond Sign", (Its normally beside the Taxi stand).
-Terminal 3 - Sky Harbor
Pick-ups are usually curbside at the (Blue diamond) areas, both North and South curbs. Look for signs for the Blue diamond symbol and await your vehicle where you see the Blue Diamond Sign on the Curbside.
-Terminal 4
Look for signs that direct you to the baggage level (ground level). The prefered normal pick-up area designated is on the South Curb by Door # 2 or North Curb you which you have to cross the street ahead to the island where the Taxis, Busses and limo's have pre-arranged areas for all pick-ups.

No-Show Fee

A No-Show fee equal to the trip cost plus applicable waiting time will be charged when the passenger fails to show at the designated location within 1 hour. In order to avoid this charge, passengers should not leave designated locations without notifying us.
Methods of Payment:

We accept Cash and most major credit cards, AMEX, Master Card, Visa.
Hourly Rates:

Hourly rates are Billed from the time the passenger leaves with the driver, until the time he/she returns to their destination. Fractions of an hour are charges on a half-hour rate.
Gratuity and Tips:

A 20% service fee based on the fare, may be added to your bill. This will be stated to all customers at the time your reservation was made.
We reserve the right:

Extreme Limos reserves the right to cancel any Service without Refund, If the Operator or the Office feels that the Renter/Party of the Renter is putting the Operator or The Mode of Transportation or The Renter/Party of the Renter in danger of Injury. Or if the Renter/Party of the Renter is in the possession of any Illegal Material or Substance, this service will be canceled without refund. This is without exception. All our vehicles are non smoking vehicles and our drivers conduct themselves accordingly.


Extreme Limos shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its control including weather, road conditions and breakdowns. Extreme Limos reserves the right to substitute vehicle in the event the limousine company for reasons beyond it's control unable to perform under this agreement, it's liability is limited to a full refund of money is paid by customer, and shall not exceed the deposit paid. Extreme Limos assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage or personal belongings, nor for any items left in the vehicle.
While every effort is made to ensure specified times are met, if the limousine is late in excess of 15 minutes due to unforeseen traffic, uncontrollable weather conditions, or other circumstances beyond our control, the customer has the option to cancel the service and receive a full refund on the unused portion of the trip. However, if the clients choose to still take the service, then no compensation may be claimed.
Cleaning Fees will be charged to parties who do not keep the inside of the vehicle clean. The fees range from a minimum of $100.00 to a maximum of $500.00. The Minimum Fee for Sickness is $500.00.
Damages caused by negligence of any passenger will be the liability of the renting party. All damages will be charged to the renter plus a fee for downtime of the vehicle.

Any questions regarding the above policy, please contact us @ 1-800-962-4885 or email us at

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Phoenix Airport limo. Phoenix airport car service. Scottsdale airport car service. Phoenix airport Shuttle. Scottsdale airport Shuttle. Phoenix airport  Sedan. Scottsdale airport Sedan.
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